Fair food tips

Genesis offers several strategies for avoiding taking in more calories than you can walk off on a day at the fair:

· Eat before you go. You’ll be able to resist foods easier if you’re not hungry.

· Don’t go it alone. Share the funnel cake, fried cheese curds or turkey leg (1,136 calories) with others.

· Eat a regular meal. Don’t just snack your way around the fair. Sit down and have a meal at mealtime. There are sit-down options at most fairs run by local youth organizations, restaurants or churches.

· Skip the soda. Instead of a mega-container of sugary soda, try the fresh-squeezed juice or lemonade, ice tea or a bottle of water.

· Listen to your body. Don’t be tricked by how good everything looks and smells. Eat only when you are hungry.