In the words of food historian Alan Davidson, Chop Suey is “a prime example of culinary mythology”. There is a long list of conflicting stories about its origin and one account claims that it was invented in the 19th century by Chinese American cooks working on the transcontinental railroad. But anthropologist E N Anderson believes that the popular dish finds it roots in Taishan, a county in Guangdong province in China, a home to Chinese immigrants to the United States.

Whatever be its origin, we are glad that someone actually came up with this dish. It’s hearty and delicious and a perfect way to beat the after office hunger pangs. This recipe from is a good way to start your experiments in the kitchen.

20g – Carrot, sliced and blanched
30g – Baby corn, cut into diamond shape and blanched
5g – Red pepper, cut into triangles
10g – Green pepper, cut into triangles
5g – Yellow pepper, cut into triangles
30g – Bok choy, cut into diamond shape
10g – Fresh spinach, sliced
20g – Button mushroom (halves)
10g – Chinese cabbage, cut into triangles
10g – Beans, cut into diamond shape
20g – Broccoli florents (blanched)
150g – Boiled noodles
10g – Corn flour
1g – Salt
1g – Pepper
1g – Aromat seasoning
15g – Chilli paste
150g – Vegetable stock
3g – Light soya
2g – Chilli oil
5g – Chopped garlic
3g – Chopped ginger
1g – Star anise
10g – Tomato ketchup
3g – Cashew nut
3g – Rice wine vinegar
5g – Diluted corn flour
1g – Chopped spring onion
1g – Chopped red chilli
3g – Honey

* Add cornflour, salt, pepper and aromat seasoning to the noodles. Deep fry it till it’s crispy.

* Sautee garlic, and then add chopped ginger and chilli paste to it and stir. Now, add rice wine vinegar, light soya, chilli oil, tomato ketchup, honey, tossed vegetables and stock to it.

* Adjust the seasoning and then add the fried cashews.

* Add diluted cornflour to make the sauce. It should be red in colour and should taste sour and spicy.

* Garnish it with chopped spring onions.

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